Friday, March 27, 2009

In My Mind

This weeks Sunday Scribblings topic - Aging. For this I submit one that is already written. Conveniently, it comes ready made with the music. Hope you enjoy.

These bones grow old, they are not surrounded by
The dreams and the vibrance of youth
In the day I never knew hindsight, never saw beyond the horizon
Only lived for the here and now, just today, just today
And the thoughts of who I might be one day
Now I’m staring in the mirror at a man, just a man
Not a boy with wings and a prayer
For I have tied so many strings and accumulated things
I am a locomotive with a train hitched to my back
There are no roads to take only endless miles of track

In my mind I’m still eighteen
Except for the places I’ve been
And the things I have seen
There’s been a lifetime in between
But in my mind I’m still eighteen

Every morning when I wake I am always in between
The things I’ve done and the things I dream
I am the fulcrum, at one side is the weight
Of who I am, the other who I might be
If I might make it to another day, just one more day
At dusk do we sleep in the dark of Eternity
Or do we open the Gates of Infinity
It seems too much to ask for we never get an answer
We just put our faith with ministers and mystics
While we blind our eyes with sleep at the end of a day

In my mind I’m still eighteen
Except for the places I’ve been
And the things I have seen
There’s been a lifetime in between
But in my mind I’m still eighteen

In my mind…

Cedar Groves

Asleep in cedar groves

Aromatic beds of quilted needles

Under the din of a conifer shroud

Doe and fawn await to greet the sun

In the infant rays of day

They slowly make their way

To the meadows alive

By the death roads of humanity


Asleep in cedar groves…


Another mornings fill

Renders a days retreat

In this glinting vestige lies

What remains of the Garden

And the eyes of the ancients

Gaze upon their imploding world

All of this I see while rolling by

In the cocoon of a mechanized world


Asleep in cedar groves…


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blue Emotion

Late entry for Sunday Scribblings "I come from..."  after I unwittingly linked myself to this weeks topic.  Woops!  Better come up with something quick....

Blue Emotion

I come from blue emotion

Trickling through cracks in ancient granite walls

Breathing new air upon erupting pure springs

Gravity is my governance

Choosing paths of least resistance

While leeching mineral essence along the way


Scouring the hillsides

I lather in aerated falls

Slithering around primeval fauna


Lazing under canopies

The songs of life are choral

Lifting me onward to the sea

Monday, March 23, 2009



Wraps around your torso like a boa constrictor

You can breathe out but you can’t breathe in, breathe out

Each breath shorter than the last until your lungs thrust upon your throat

Deprivation breeds a high, a numb buzzing in your ears

You know the end is near, and yet it passes ever slowly

More slowly than the moment last, until you hover in a dream

Like death all around an angel on a battlefield

A witness to the carnage that can never touch you

And still…..


you breathe


                                    another breath



to greet the dawn



of a new day

Friday, March 20, 2009


Flat. Like the coastal plain reaching forth into the shallows of the sea

Though the present place of being thrusts upward to the sky

Here am I, mired in the valley of mud

Winged of spirit, wanting to embrace the sky

My tail, once vestigial, now growing into the silt below


Dreams can place us in front of our deepest fears

And we live there in slow motion, unable to run

In the end we wake, to realize the thought not real

But how is it now, that I am awake?

Still not able to run

My Musical Identity