Friday, April 24, 2009

Souls to the Wind

Sunday Scribblings - Follow.  I follow my instincts.  Or at least try to.  I follow truth and honesty and try to remember who I am and what is most important to me.  Always.  I follow humility.  I try to imagine losing what I have, my family, my health, my income, my home, my possessions so I don't become infatuated with that which I do not need.  Given the global economy the vulnerability of these things is real.  The excess of materialism and greed is rampant.  This is the essence of "Souls to the Wind".  This song is loud and impassioned.  Look to the player, upper-right, and press play if you want to hear.  If you like to rock, turn up the volume.  I hope you enjoy!

Dark days weighing on down on our souls
How have we gotten here?  How have we fallen down from our dreams?
We were drunk with the lies, taking more for ourselves than we need.

If we look inside we can find our way, truth is a path
We walk along to the edge and hold our souls to the wind

Hard times, hold our feet to the fire
Tear us apart, until we are left with our fears
How do we find our way, having nothing left but our tears?

If we look inside we can find our way, truth is a path
We walk along to the edge and hold our souls to the wind

Sleepless nights, wrench away at our souls
How can we stem the tide?  Stand against what we can’t control?
Look into our hearts, find the only thing left to hold

If we look inside we can find our way, truth  is a path
We walk along to the edge and hold our souls to the wind

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Free World

The oath of office held to heart
Take thy vow and hold the beacon
Upon the shoulders of conscience.
Of the people, for the people 
And by the people lest ye forget.
Nothing to fear but fear itself
Yet fear was your mantra and
Might was your reason.
Power is an opiate, to wield it
Is to lance the vein 
And corrupt the heart and soul.

Indulge in the sound of your own voice
So that no others can be heard.
Surround thy self with yaysayers
Who tell you only what you want to hear.
Feed your ears with fat
No gristle for which to chew.
Question only those who question you
And no doubt appears in the looking glass.
Perversion of power grows like puss 
Festering in the sphere of your own influence.

And as the wound grows hide it
Through the veil of deceit.
Shower fear upon the masses 
Filling their vessels like 
Cups of Reverend Jones' elixir.

But all do not thirst.
And some still live to question.
And through the voice of dissent
Hope still conquers fear...

Three Word Wednesday offered these:  Deceit, Indulge, Oath

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pulling up Perch

Childhood allure
Casting lines into the deep azure

Finger to a string
Whiskered blind for signs of living things

Endless waiting search
Setting the hook and pulling up perch 

Scales exposed to sun
Alien to air means summer fun

Universal joy
Fishing is a passage right for boy

Three Word Wednesday offered these:  allure, perch, vivid

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

For 30 odd silver pieces had,

Judas gave Pilate, Jesus’ head

By Roman order he would be led

Upon a crucifix ‘til dead

A spray of thorns, his head adorns

Are sharper than a demons horns

The cross upon his back was worn

‘Neath sweat and blood his skin was torn

The road to Calvary was full

To view this gruesome spectacle

The Lamb of God would die for all

Upon Golgotha, Place of Skull

Decided to write this for Sunday Scribblings.  Scary is not what most feel on Good Friday.  The essence of The Sacrifice should invoke fear in most.  I think that is what Mel Gibson was getting at in The Passion of the Christ.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Soul is a Can of Sardines

This weeks Sunday Scribblings is "scary".  I uploaded this earlier this week but coincidentally it fits the subject.  The inspiration for this is loosely based on the novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  A very bleak and scary post-apocalyptic tale that includes a scene in a stumbled upon fallout shelter.  I say loosely, as there were no canned fish in the scene, but the survivors ate the more palletable storings first.

Rectangular gunmetal free of reflection

Eternally passed for a sweeter selection

Storm cellar denizen awaiting the end

Inanimate, lonely and seeking a friend

What will it take to have someone’s lust

Waiting here coolly as skin turns to rust

Most people hope for their fate up in heaven

I pray for the day that brings Armageddon

For driving survivors below ground with me

These prisoners of fallout will set me free

Their spiraling famine means dark destiny

But before they arrive they will twist of the key…


…my soul is a can of sardines


Three Word Wednesday offered these: Flirt, Ploy, Stunning

A stunning beauty
Harkens joy
Target of
Flirtatious ploy
To hesitate
Would be remiss
Deny me of
Your faithful kiss

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ode to the Yard

This weeks Sunday Scribblings prompt "Celebrate". This poem celebrates spring and my love for the game of baseball. This Sunday is opening day to a new season, perfect timing!

On the diamond, as a boy, was where I want’ to be
My heroes wore the red pinstripes and played in South Philly
Schmitty, Lefty, and the Bull, Tugger and Bob Boone
Brought the title home at last and fans began to swoon
They fueled my dreams and made me crave the happenings of spring
The smell of dirt and oiled leather brings back everything
Twenty and eight years had passed and I’m no longer young
My son, as I, has watched this team, another title rung
In flowing through this arc of life, here again upon the diamond
I as coach and torch bearer to a younger generation
The batsman’s swagger, the pitcher’s wind, a duel over the pill
Will the batter crush the ball or pale to the man on the hill

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fender Bender

Three Word Wednesday offered these: Crush, Knack, and Varied.

While driving in the evening rush
I heard the sound of metal crush
Preceded by a moment harried
It seems my right of way had varied
I, singing in my Dodge Daytona
To a song that’s titled “My Sharona”
One hit wonder called The Knack
Pay witness to my auto whacked…