Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fender Bender

Three Word Wednesday offered these: Crush, Knack, and Varied.

While driving in the evening rush
I heard the sound of metal crush
Preceded by a moment harried
It seems my right of way had varied
I, singing in my Dodge Daytona
To a song that’s titled “My Sharona”
One hit wonder called The Knack
Pay witness to my auto whacked…


  1. OMG - how clever this is - hoping it's fiction but somehow I'm guessing it's not.

  2. Great stuff. Like a song lyric, but better. More clever.

  3. Cool! That was a great read.

  4. Tumblewords - Well, consider it an unwitting April Fool's joke! Complete fiction, I assure you.

    Thom - Thanks for the prompt. It's a bit like doing a crossword puzzle for me. I had to shake up the words like dice in a backgammon shaker before a theme fell out. Great fun!

    Angel - So happy you enjoyed it :)

  5. That one rhymed beautifully,
    good piece..

  6. Yea, this is fantastic!!! Well done, you!!!