Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Free World

The oath of office held to heart
Take thy vow and hold the beacon
Upon the shoulders of conscience.
Of the people, for the people 
And by the people lest ye forget.
Nothing to fear but fear itself
Yet fear was your mantra and
Might was your reason.
Power is an opiate, to wield it
Is to lance the vein 
And corrupt the heart and soul.

Indulge in the sound of your own voice
So that no others can be heard.
Surround thy self with yaysayers
Who tell you only what you want to hear.
Feed your ears with fat
No gristle for which to chew.
Question only those who question you
And no doubt appears in the looking glass.
Perversion of power grows like puss 
Festering in the sphere of your own influence.

And as the wound grows hide it
Through the veil of deceit.
Shower fear upon the masses 
Filling their vessels like 
Cups of Reverend Jones' elixir.

But all do not thirst.
And some still live to question.
And through the voice of dissent
Hope still conquers fear...

Three Word Wednesday offered these:  Deceit, Indulge, Oath


  1. An important poem on the nature of power. I particularly liked:

    Perversion of power grows like puss
    festering in the sphere of your own influence.

  2. That built up incredibly well. I wasn't expecting it to be about Jim Jones but upon re-reading it saw that it fit
    Question only those who question you
    and no doubt appears in the looking glass.
    That is a magnificent sentence--very unique

    I'm sure I sounded chastizing and didn't mean to at all

  3. I saw the voice of dissent as Obamas!
    Isn't it wonderful to see how others all get something different from your poems?
    excellent Michael!

  4. I really appreciate how this builds as well. Question those who question you rings true. But in the end, some hope. That we'll all question authority that has run roughshod over everything.

  5. Absolute love the last four lines. Made me think of lying polititians the world over but at least there is the hope of hope.

  6. The line
    "Indulge in the sound of your own voice
    So that no others can be heard."

    Sums up much of the human condition. Well done.

  7. Hope certainly conquers fears..
    This piece particularly Michael was not at par with your earlier pieces. Not that i did not like it, but just expectations were high..

  8. The power of oath,turns to deceit,when deceit is the reason to camouflage our indulge.

    An imp issue taken.

  9. Anthony - Thanks for that. Thom's 3 words evoked a visceral response in me that has been seething for years now. Glad you liked that line. I don't want to be standing near that sphere when it's lanced!

    Pia - I wasn't conciously thinking of the build up, but in hindsight I can see what you mean. You get lucky sometimes! The Jim Jones thing is simile, but we're really talking about the cult of personality here, and it fits like a glove to him and other religious figures. Politics and religion are both conduits of power and human control. As such they are a dangerous cocktail when mixed.

    Lucy - The way I see it. Obama's voice was one among millions. And yes, it is wonderful isn't it?

    Thom - The Koolaid drinkers for years questioned the patriotism of Americans who dared to ask. I'm still baffled it took so long for many to pull the wool off of their own eyes.

    Wmojo - Never give up hope. Without it, there is no will to live.

    Lisa - Thanks much. We are all guilty of prefering the smell of our own flatulence over others. That's where empathy comes in. : )

    Sudharm - I am thrilled your expectations are so high!! There is probably some narrow American polito-historical nuance that may be lost on some. I LOVE your honesty!

    Harsha - That sums it up nicely!

  10. Like how it ends. In a positive note..

    Lots of good lines here. I loved reading it. Twice.

    gyrating on its own steam of oath

  11. Hope never dies, even in the face of anything. We've seen this time and again, in history. It's also a theme that makes great movies.

    And songs. This totally reminds me of Disturbed's last two albums. That's high praise.

  12. Gautami - Glad you enjoyed it! Those last 4 lines are like a cold splash of water to the face after a gut wrenching vomit.

    Susan - When will we ever learn? Thanks for the high praise!