Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

For 30 odd silver pieces had,

Judas gave Pilate, Jesus’ head

By Roman order he would be led

Upon a crucifix ‘til dead

A spray of thorns, his head adorns

Are sharper than a demons horns

The cross upon his back was worn

‘Neath sweat and blood his skin was torn

The road to Calvary was full

To view this gruesome spectacle

The Lamb of God would die for all

Upon Golgotha, Place of Skull

Decided to write this for Sunday Scribblings.  Scary is not what most feel on Good Friday.  The essence of The Sacrifice should invoke fear in most.  I think that is what Mel Gibson was getting at in The Passion of the Christ.


  1. so it was a good take on scary after all :) I like your comment about sacrifice, and its a fine good friday poem!

  2. I'm so pleased to find a piece which links the Easter story with the prompt!Excellent poem.