Friday, April 24, 2009

Souls to the Wind

Sunday Scribblings - Follow.  I follow my instincts.  Or at least try to.  I follow truth and honesty and try to remember who I am and what is most important to me.  Always.  I follow humility.  I try to imagine losing what I have, my family, my health, my income, my home, my possessions so I don't become infatuated with that which I do not need.  Given the global economy the vulnerability of these things is real.  The excess of materialism and greed is rampant.  This is the essence of "Souls to the Wind".  This song is loud and impassioned.  Look to the player, upper-right, and press play if you want to hear.  If you like to rock, turn up the volume.  I hope you enjoy!

Dark days weighing on down on our souls
How have we gotten here?  How have we fallen down from our dreams?
We were drunk with the lies, taking more for ourselves than we need.

If we look inside we can find our way, truth is a path
We walk along to the edge and hold our souls to the wind

Hard times, hold our feet to the fire
Tear us apart, until we are left with our fears
How do we find our way, having nothing left but our tears?

If we look inside we can find our way, truth is a path
We walk along to the edge and hold our souls to the wind

Sleepless nights, wrench away at our souls
How can we stem the tide?  Stand against what we can’t control?
Look into our hearts, find the only thing left to hold

If we look inside we can find our way, truth  is a path
We walk along to the edge and hold our souls to the wind


  1. Some great words in this. As for your essay at the beginning, to follow your feelings is usually the best road.

  2. 'Taking more for ourselves than we need'....just what has got us into trouble!

  3. I'm so glad you pointed out listening to the words as well as reading them. I noticed player to the side but never tried it. I really like the image of holding our souls to the wind. Its like tossing leaf into a storm.

  4. great song! i like your stuff.

  5. Remembering who we are and following our own truth -- so important.

    Nicely done.


  6. Michael: I like the multimedia approach, bringing song to the SS promenade. To carry the theme of the scribble mavens, I suspect others will "follow." We'll all be richer for the wave. Peace.

  7. Music and truth. A great combination for reflection.

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  9. I thing murat11 has nailed it. Hearing and seeing is a thousand time more effective than just one or the other. Well done.

  10. Humility. So that’s what’s “wrong” with you, music man. All the musicians I’ve known were prima donnas. Especially guitarists ;-) Kidding. About you. I knew you were different from your words. And the crowd of souls downwind of you is roaring because you’re speaking the universal language. As for the me that's apart from the crowd, I already followed my instincts. You’ve been downloaded and turned up for days : )

  11. Anthony - Thanks for that!

    RR - Time for global introspection don't you think?

    Amy - Well, that's precisely the right image! Easier said than done done be sure.

    Jeeves - Thank you.

    Floreta - I'm happy you could enjoy.

    Me - Thank you, thank you!

    Murat - Given your exquisite taste in music, that is a great compliment! Much appreciated.

    Gautami - You are very welcome!

    b - I have to say, I was not sure how doing so would work in this format. My main desire is to share words with everyone. As recording songs goes, it took four or five months to do what I did. And it still doesn't sound finished to me. The words on the other hand took one day. Hopefully I don't raise expections to the level of wanting the multimedia product twice a week! If the shoe fits, wear it. That works for SS and my songs. It felt right this time.

    Miss A - Yes they are. And I've met my share. Probably what's sent me to the depths of my basement trying to go it alone. I've broken up with far many more musicians than I have women ;>) As for the rest, you and everyone else give me cause to be humble.

    Thank you,

  12. Hi Michael,
    I feel a bit of an intruder here...(here from Sunday Scribblings)
    Well thanks for sharing this song. Nice.

  13. Michael: Don't worry about the multimedia expectations. You're tribe now: that means friendship. The fun is in clicking the link and seeing wassup! next.

    FYI, my wife is a Jersey Girl from Marlton. Exit 4.


  14. Songofsea - Why an intruder? Anything I've posted is here to be shared. The more the merrier! Thanks for stopping in, I hope you will return.

    Murat - I grew up Exit 4, Cherry Hill. I'm sure she speaka my language!

  15. Hi Michael, love your style! this brought tears to my eyes.

    I used to write loads of song lyrics, but most of them ended up in the shredder, I tried working with musicians, but the ones I met were so big headed - it never worked.

  16. Andy - Wow, tears say a lot. I really appreciate your feedback, and the attention. Big headed musicians? Really? I'm shocked! In the world of rock music, there is an expectation of "attitude". Unfortunately this an invitation to entitlement for self-centered assholes. I've never acted the part. Maybe that's part of the reason I've never given up the day job?