Thursday, May 21, 2009

Apollo XIII

Encapsulated from 
The treacherous vacuum 
Of space

Murphy embraces 
The fortunes of thirteen

In the face of death, 
Minds meld in efficient process

To optimize lunar gravity 
And deliver brave souls

Into the bosom 
Of our earthly mother

Three Word Wednesday offered these:  Efficient, Optimize, Treacherous

To listen to a reading (recorded on my iPhone) of "Apollo XIII" fast forward the JMike Inferno player at upper right.  If you are not reading from blogspot you can listen here: Apollo XIII.  Apollo 13 recordings courtesy of public domain.

To download these readings click on the widget below.


  1. I like the addition of autoplay. You can read it, then listen to you read it. Neat.

  2. Wow--beautiful, both poem and audio

    Thanks for that incredible comment :)

    I can't imagine living in Atlantic City though why I don't know and would love to hear about life there

  3. Oh and that was a perfect Memorial Day post. Nothing usual

  4. Okay, you are too much, Michael. LOL I use a prep at work. I thought someone was on the wrong frequency. Enjoyed.

  5. Damn fine reading: damn, but you are raising the bar. It's time for us to be reading these pieces we're writing, not just writing them...

    Love the Vulcan/Hephaestian hammer blows in the background.

    Two very fine lines:

    Minds meld in efficient process
    To optimize lunar gravity

    That first of the two is chilling in its deadly beauty...

  6. gave me chills... awesome... -Meg

  7. AD - Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. Hoping to find you and some reading time this Sunday!

    Weronika - Thank you much for the compliments!

    Paschal - That sounds like a great idea. Who's handy with a Handycam? Your son sounds like he's on to something. Perfection is overrated. I spent have a lifetime hoarding stuff because I didn't think it was perfect. I am ok with believing in the core of an idea and giving it some conviction. It will sink or swim on that level every time.

    Well, that's a killer tangent, as in Sling Blade. Glad I could blaze that trail for you!

    Miss AliCat - That wavelength is resonating big time, coming in in FM stereo! Such is life, like every guitar strung/restrung. You can tune a guitar but you can't tuna fish. But I hope I can keep on delivering it Ruthey-like; all delicious, and divinely explicit. Keeping it right and righteous. :-)

    Marja - Those worries were over the moment the words were written and read, and re-read. Thanks much!

    Jobzzzz - Thanks for the lovely comment, and for letting me know your here and taking an interest!

  8. bloody hell, my notepad cut and paste went belly up. I need a break....