Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gotham Dawn

Embrace the monotonous hum of the commute
Myriad sleepwalkers shuffle in programmed
Pathways through tunnels like ants
Immersed in a sea of humanity 
Clinging to the isolation of 
The morning news or the cocoon of tune
Or the private confines of eyelids
With timid glances tired eyes, like mine
Shift the imagination into faux conversation
Steely screech and the pull of inertia
Awaken zombies into action
Stair climbing turnstile twists 
We increment and ascend into 
The dreary dampness of the city
Dodging umbrellas and briefcases
Footworn curbs of granite channel streams
Of gray matter over-coursing seams
Of penny loafers adding froggy croaks
Of footsteps to the cacophony
Of urban happenings
Progress is trading hunter instincts
For the bullfighters ballet
Forever sidestepping yellow braman beasts
In a Gotham dawn

Three Word Wednesday offered these:  Dreary, Embrace, Timid.  You should be listening an auto-play reading production, "Gotham Dawn", from the JMike Inferno player, you can fast forward if required.  If you are not reading this in blogspot you can listen here, "Gotham Dawn"

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  1. This has the feel of a brooding city, big, dark, humorless. Overwhelming its occupants by sheer size and the feelings size creates. Well done.

  2. The metro points to the inner city...nice visuals. And audio...

  3. Reminded me of why I left. Love love love your monologue to the sounds which left me with a slight headache as a dreary day in NY would

  4. NOOOoooooo! Life is too short! Means you did one hell of a job tapping the black hole of hopelessness, sending your readers down bleak grey spirals to choking closeness lit poorly, deadly by the soul-killing, buzzing fluorescent tube. And to use the word “Gotham” seals the grey, metal desk deal. Nice job, nice voice, music man : )

  5. Very fine again, Mr. Alighieri. Got this spoken word thang down, O my brother. Check out the opening pages of Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow for some nifty resonance.

  6. I love the imagery here. That journey, it feels so familiar..

    timid embrace forces out dreary thoughts

  7. ooh... I like the "grey matter" streaming along the curbs. liked all of it. steely screetch and pull of inertia is PERFECT. -Meg

  8. Thom - Thanks my man! Hope I can convey the big eastern city with the Hunter Thompsonesque western gonzo landscapes you paint so well!

    Tumblewords - Glad I could set your compass true!

    Pia - I don't know whether to say "you're welcome" or "I'm sorry"! LOL. You know what I'm talking about I'm sure. I recorded that subway on the blue line in Manhattan in April. As real as it gets without grabbing the third rail!

    Miss Alicat - I thought about writing a song about Mondays, but that's been way overdone. : ) The train left the station, indeed.

    Paschal - Me and Miss A are half-lit. As in literature. I should have read Gravity's Rainbow the first time I heard Laurie Anderson sing about it. She did some spoken word. And speaking of Laurie. I was having dinner in a little restaurant in The Village seven or eight years ago, and Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed were a couple tables away. Ms. Anderson had a little dog not unlike A's little buddy. I digress...

  9. Looks like I have been through this journey. Nice one here.

  10. This is powerful. I almost expected to find Kurtz at its dark heart. Excellent.

  11. This is simply terrific. In the first couple of lines I got a bit annoyed by the endless nonpunctuated semidroning... but by the end I realized that's exactly what you want. yeah, terrific. Thanks for the good read!

  12. Yeah, very nicely written, well read, and presented. I love that picture too!

  13. Tony - Thanks for that! Yes! A modern demigod reigning at the heart of the urban jungle. I love it!

    PJD - I'm sure I've pissed off a few with all of that blasted monotony! Glad you stuck it out for big picture. Happier still for the huge compliment in the end! Thanks.

    Andy - Thanks for the praise my friend!

  14. Jeeves - Don't know what came of my comment to you? It disappeared! I'm sure this is familiar to a few. Commuting is a somewhat mindless endeavor but there is a rich undercurrent in the rush, don't you think?