Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Smoking Gun

Two voices howl into the night
Which one's wrong and which is right?
Bicker bicker bicker wail
Threats of violence in the air
Like dripping carcass from the hook
One would kill with sabred look
Nervous trigger hand on gun
Trajectory of fate undone

Three Word Wednesday offered these:  Bicker, Nervous, Trajectory.  To listen to the reading, go to the JMike Inferno player on the screen and hit play, (fast forward if you need to).

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  1. Great feeling of despair here. You can feel the nervousness. And you meant carcass, right?

  2. Doh! Yes I did. Confounded brain fog.

  3. Guns and Passion - always a deadly mix.
    Happy 3WW!

  4. This is edgy, and I love the last line.

  5. Loved this one! Darker pieces are my favorite.

  6. Quick notice to anyone who's read this already. I just uploaded an audio dictation I gen'ed up on my iPhone. Check it out!

  7. Great piece, rotten side of truth - your audio is superb...

  8. Wonderful post, but spooky how your voice sounds so like Rob Kistner!

  9. I really like the spoken-word.

  10. Thom - Really good word choice, it's a potent mix. Glad you like the spoken-word, Last minute iPhone experiment.

    Panic Du Jur - I was in Dallas, TX waiting in a jury pool once when a man came in a shot his wife, her divorce attorney and himself. Your words are a so true.

    GTami - Thanks!

    Angel - I'm not a particularly morbid person, but the darkness comes easier to me for some reason.

    Tumblewords - yours leave me searching for humblewords.

    Andy - Thank you, now I must explore Rob Kistner.

  11. I like the rhythm here, like the rhythm of a finger pulling a trigger over and over!

    The reading and sound effects are great!

  12. I like how well the poem sounds when spoken, makes it even more impossing. Guns and poetry, who would have thought it could be like that?

  13. the gunshot made me jump out of my deskchair thankyouverymuch! Very good! -Meg

  14. cool - you have a very dramatic voice..

  15. ooh...very powerful and dramatic with the audio- you have the perfect voice for it- fantastic!

  16. Linda - Why shoot just once when you can unload a whole magazine into the one you "love"?

    Adell - It's certainly no more ironic than Guns and God!

    Meg- I'm glad I could get your attention! Thanks.

    Kristy - I've often felt I should be in the voice-over biz. Missed my calling I guess.

    Bella - Thank you very much!

    Jeeves - Hard not to feel brave behind the sound of a 44 Magnum!

  17. The worse kind of confrontation: an accidental killer created out fear and tension.

    Very much enjoyed our dialog at BES. I'll be regularly from now on. Thanks.

  18. Hi Michael,

    I think you can appreciate our discussion more after reading my review of The Making of Dr. Truelove