Friday, May 22, 2009

Waiting for the Fall

Did you ever wonder why some people have it all
While you squeeze the blood stone for a drop so small
You’re sweating when the jealous fever burns inside
But you can’t hold back the moon as it turns the tide

When all is said and done can’t keep a good man down
But it’s hard to take flight with your feet on the ground
And you’d like to take those people down a notch or two
Instead you wait for the fates to bring them closer to you 

We're waiting
We're waiting for the
We're waiting for the fall

Did you ever wonder how you had it so good
How everything could be just as it should
Makes you wonder just how long this could last
When you look back and you see that it’s all in your past

We're waiting
We're waiting for the
We're waiting for the fall

Sunday Scribblings - #164, Worry.  One of these days, I'm actually going to write something for SS.  But this fits nicely.  But this is also about sharing so I only feel half bad.  I'm a little self conscious about the recording as it was one of the first I did myself and I've always meant to remix.  This should auto play.  If you're reading this outside of blogspot, you can listen here, "Waiting for the Fall" .

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  1. :)
    i think we all got a little excited before sunday :)

    Yup we are waiting!
    at least i am to get over the worries and fears :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your name! :)

    This is a great piece. I agree with its honesty; very insightful.


  3. 'Mano: Who the hell sez you has ta write anythin' for the SS girls? You've redefined this whole prompt thang. Soon, I expect that we'll have a few homespun moviemakers in on the mix. I'd love to upload some of my son's Star Wars lego movies (bedcovers as exotic astral locales), but he's a stickler for perfection or just plain cine-shy.

    I like how "Waiting" just comes blazing in. Today wuz last day of "real" "skool," which meant lazing around this afternoon, doing nothing after the kids left at noon. We were in the science lab as R- was dragging his desks around like the sociopath at the beginning of "Sling Blade," the jealous philosopher of demise, jiggle-licious envi-est of those who have what they do not deserve. I always thought that he was diabolically funny, and as a recovering envi-est, knew I was looking in a carnival mirror at the one and only. The beginning of "Waiting" brought the J. T. Walsh character (Charles Bushman) right back around again...

    Love the honesty here...

  4. Seems you and I are on the same wavelength again with some people having it all while others don’t appear to. “What is long distance in cyber space?” you once wrote. Nothing, I wrote back, nothing at all. But the fall thing, the have/have not thing, it’s like c’est la vie, like you said about getting strung in different directions. Same thing as life: strung/restrung. Musically, you can do no wrong in my eyes, because of who I’ve perceived you to be, so you are free to win as you would anyway: write it, mix it, remix it, write an SS thing, don’t write one, keep on featuring your deliciously, explicitly divine music… It’s all good, all c’est la vie : )

  5. Nice take. Don't worry it only looks like others have it all

  6. Lovely read...your writings are always interesting.

  7. AD - Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. Hoping to find you and some reading time this Sunday!

    Weronika - Thank you much for the compliments!

    Paschal - That sounds like a great idea. Who's handy with a Handycam? Your son sounds like he's on to something. Perfection is overrated. I spent have a lifetime hoarding stuff because I didn't think it was perfect. I am ok with believing in the core of an idea and giving it some conviction. It will sink or swim on that level every time.

    Well, that's a killer tangent, as in Sling Blade. Glad I could blaze that trail for you!

    Miss AliCat - That wavelength is resonating big time, coming in in FM stereo! Such is life, like every guitar strung/restrung. You can tune a guitar but you can't tuna fish. But I hope I can keep on delivering it Ruthey-like; all delicious, and divinely explicit. Keeping it right and righteous. :-)

    Marja - Those worries were over the moment the words were written and read, and re-read. Thanks much!

    Jobzzzz - Thanks for the lovely comment, and for letting me know your here and taking an interest!

  8. i really like your lyrics. i don't think you should feel bad because as you said, it's more about sharing.

  9. Love it!

    JM @ Write Anyway

  10. Downloaded some of your music - I commented but it looks like it didn't come through - I love the song and am enjoying all your music! Thank you for sharing it :)

  11. I need to 1. add you to my blog roll, and 2. read you more often. These lyrics are great - agree with Miss A about worrying about what others have (I'm having a moment myself).

    And thanks for your comments over at The Tension. I swear, I sometimes don't know where those transgressive pieces come from.