Saturday, June 27, 2009

Toys of the Mind

Toys of the mind
Grasp as colored blocks
Arrange in stacks and lines
Building walls of thought
One generation upon the other
Drawing id from muck and mire
Holding ego ever higher
We keepers of the holy fire
Perilous flight of our desire


  1. Toys of the mind - wonderful words.

  2. Oooh, good words, music man. I’m obtuse regarding the true meaning of poetry (even the hidden meanings in the 1800-page short story bible give me a go) but I know good sounds when I hear them and good images when I see them. And “Toys of the Mind” read silently and read aloud gives both. You may not have meant it this way, but I saw a baby learning words as toy blocks, building freely, happily; then growing older, learning the inhibiting societal rules—what to say, what not to say—and forming a personality erroneously from those rules; and adulthood, our ego, our god, our learned way, our downfall. Did I lose? Or win? If it’s the latter, have Bob tell me what I won!

  3. Drawing id from muck and mire

    Love that line.

    I was interested in the wall of rhyme you build in your final four lines (even a slant rhyme with the other in the line before): it's like the walls themselves built by one generation upon the other.

    So, to follow Ms A's thinking, is it a solid wall to stand on, or is the rhyming "stuck," unable to free itself from the perilous flight?

  4. this is fantastic! you're right, words are my adult toys. I think my body, my bones, my joints & muscles in movement also provides me with a multitude of things to experiment, move, and "play" with. Thought provoking!

  5. Marja - Thank you very much!

    AD - Thanks for wow-wishes :)

    Linda May - you remember those ole blocks with the letters on 'em?

    G'Tami - That pretty well slapped me upside the head.

    Tumblewoids - thanks so much

    Alicat - That fits quite well. YOU WIN A CUPIE DOLL! Really I think my intent and your interp are the same until "one generatio upon the other".

    The rest of the poem expands from single person to all of humanity. Pretty much hyperspace! The whole story is the rise of human conciousness. What separates us from the muck and the mire.

    Paschal - I can't say that it was a literal construct for the rhyming in the end. It flowed out that way, I think in a visual manner more than anything. I like the idea of the stuckness. It fits, as civilization seems to get more simplified as time goes on. Things don't happen "on a desert island" anymore. Perilous flight refers to the premise that man is his own worst enemy. And will likely be his own downfall.

    Jennifer - Thanks. Very interesting, that! SUppose I could follow with "Adult Toys for the Mind"?

  6. You are right on that man is his own worst enemy but man still carries "the holy fire". The flight is perilous but we keep trying no matter what and the words we write are the steps up to the top of those walls that keep pulling us out of the muck and mire we create for ourselves. Beautiful Michael :)

  7. Dee - I must be preaching to the choir! Give me an amen Sister Dee!

  8. Aw, hell, Dee must be at choir practice. I’ll give you your amen: Amen, Brother Michael!

    Now then, dude, what I came here for is to tell you if you have not already been over to our man ThommyG’s site, you need to go! He’s got these two little twerps singin’ a silly song but playin’ guitar like nobody’s bidness.

    …and where’s my cupie doll???

  9. Perilous desire. Indeed. Nice one