Friday, August 7, 2009

Call Me Son

So this Sunday Scribblings - New, is for Laini, is for expecting a baby. Congratulations and best wishes, Laini! My offering for new is in keeping with new life. I wrote this song ten years ago. It was written for my son a few weeks after he was born. I wrote it from his perspective, or at least how I imagined it. While he was "in utero" I would talk to him. Of course, to the casual observer I was talking to my wife's stomach. He would get a bit excited and kick and move (which probably explains why he is now a drummer!).

This had me wondering what it must be like to be him at that moment and subsequently joining the rest of us in our cold harsh world. That is the point of reference in the song.

I'm just an alien in this world
I know not where I come from, nor why I'm here
You are somehow not a stranger to me
You are a voice in this darkness I call home

I was dreaming conscious when I came
I have been waking slowly since that day
Although my eyes were open I just now start to see
You call me Ian Michael and that is who I'll be

I heard someone call me Son
I know I am not the only one

You are more than just a man to me
For I will call you father if you should choose to be
We are more than actors in this scene
You must be my teacher of what life means

I heard someone call me Son
I know I am not the only one
Call me son….

Call Me Son, should auto-play via the player below. If you are not reading from Blogspot, you can click the link in the previous sentence.



  1. These lyrics are so beautiful...what a touching tribute to your son's first moments on this earth. Lovely song!

  2. Nothing moves me more than a father displaying his love to his child.
    Beautifully written Michael

  3. Made me want to go down to Tyler and squeeze my 20 year old - this is beautiful, the soft mushy side of you!

  4. You are very talented. First time on your blog and love your music.

  5. We learn more from parents than anywhere...

  6. Beautiful lyrics. I'm the father of seven, so I feel the vibe here.

  7. this is so beautifulllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!

    thank you so much for sharing this!


    love it!

    Tale from the NEW side

  8. you certainly have a talent for music and lyrics. hope you have the same heart and soul as a coach

  9. Great stuff, man!

    This is - as I write this - the anniversary of my nephew's death - and I've had to include this pain in my post this week.

    As we come to terms with this ultimate finality - we struggle to find a new milestone. Something that we - left behind - have yet to achieve.

    At the same time - I share your love of those precious first days. I sang many a song to my son while patting his back as an infant - just the thought of those times start to lull me to sleep...

    The Day We Part

  10. I love your voice and words. I bet your son did too.

  11. Gorgeous song! What a beautiful way to remember his birth.

  12. Sweetest - Thank you. It's always a good feeling to revisit this one.

    Lucy - Making an emotional connection to a reader/listener is high motivation for me. Thank you!

    Dee - Dark and crunchy on the outside with a soft mushy center. There you have it! Now head on down to Tyler...

    G'tami - You are always welcome!

    Lisa - Thanks for dropping by! And even more for letting me know. :)

    Stan - We can only hope most folks can say that of themselves!

    Tony - Father of seven?! Good heavens, bless you! I'm just glad I only had to write 2 of these songs. I don't think I could find that much original inspiration for seven!

    Desi - I always know it's good for you when your keys get stuck! Thanks for coming by. :)

    Old Grizz - Thanks for that. I like to think I have the heart and soul for the kids. I can't always relate to the other coaches though!

    Larry - Sorry to hear of your nephews early passing. That is pain enough for sure. You wrote about it very effectively. This fatherhood thing is often indescribable. But the origins and ends of life always hold my fascination. And despite ones articles of faith, noone really know's the answers, do they?

    Linda May - AW. That's a very nice thing to say. Thanks.

    Serena - Thanks for that. Glad you came by!

  13. Miguel: Love the song, love the groove. Peace: pascual

  14. This is beautiful...the poetic. The song is so sweet. Love your work!

  15. wow. I'm such a headcase for not getting over here more. This was absolutely fantastic.

  16. Pardon my belatedness, will you, Music Man? It couldn’t be helped. I went mental again. Today marked the end of getting things shored up over at my place, done in dots and dashes as time permitted, but this time right here, right now, along with this Bud, is for you. I know, know, know this song of yours like the back of my crazy head, even though it don’t rate as high as Bayman’s Blues with the likes of me. I’ve been a kid but not had a kid, but can really appreciate that alien feeling—still have it, the WTF am I doing here???—and the heavy responsibility my parents had in trying to get me off on a good note (or beat in your case). Nice fit for SS, I must say : )

  17. Hey, music man. I’m cruising my favorite sites. You’ve been out for awhile now, so I’ll just leave a note for you here on the fridge: Hope all is OK with you. If not, here’s wishing it becomes so. If everythin’s supermurgitroid, I look forward to seein’ you ‘round the ‘hood soon : )

  18. Alicat - Sure glad I checked the fridge and found your note as I was reaching for that Bud you left me in the previous note! Yeah, I've not been very responsive of late. Not sure wtf, exactly. I'm actually feeling better than in a long time. Started with a new doc in July and the new course has me as "normal" as I can remember. It's kind of put me in a new zone of consciousness, if that makes sense. But I'm feeling a little adrift and moving in different directions. Certainly not the doldrums. I've been playing quite a bit and have a lot of inspiring synaptic firings on going. But I'm not getting pen to paper yet. Life's good, and I am grateful for you coming around to check on me. Love to you! : )

  19. Excellent news, my man! I'm delighted to hear all of these good things. The new zone stuff makes sense and the adrift and moving, the tacking or jibing, to me has always been the fluttering of sails before they fill full on with wind and I’m off. Maybe for you it’s a bit different, but you probably get my drift ; ) Anyway, all of this is wonderful, the playing and the synaptic firings and all, and I’m excited to see where you go next! Keep in touch, now : ) Kiss, kiss... Miss Alicat