Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One Word: Humid

In the humid apex of summer we languish
Taking days in stride, pacing ourselves
From shaded vantages we sense the rotating cicadian drone
The undercurrent of life shifting compost in the dew


  1. Gotta love that cicadian drone, and your last line is a beauty.

  2. Nice, music man. And ho! Is that one o’ them alicats goin’ out on a limb, one of the most used lines in songs, ‘cause it’s so true we find ourselves there, sawing in back of us just like the cartoons? It looks like something an alicat would do, like the undercurrent of life shifts compost in the dew ; )

  3. that cicadian drone is a shout round here. I actually called thank you from the back porch when they paused the other day - they made conversation difficult. The last line IS a gem!