Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Though it may appear that I have vanished, I shall fracture the blogospherical noise-floor with the sounds of Silence...

Silence is the deaf man’s call
The forest tree before it falls
It separates us one from all
An imp inside a tower wall

Drifting dense as morning fog
It casts its dew upon the log
Shrouds the meadow and the bog
A shrinking tail of polliwog

Silence is a muted choice
Sunlight warms the shroud and hoists
A founding wall upon the joist
And so from heaven, find our voice

Three Word Wednesday offered these: Fracture, Noise, Vanish


  1. Boy how I love this journey from prompt into a meaty poem.

    Delicious for sure. I love the progression of silence through the different aspects of nature.

    Nicely done.

  2. Wow! Love the rhymes, and that word polliwog!

  3. A great job here. Enjoyed the silence.

  4. "Silence is the def man;s call." Brilliant line, my man. Great stuff all the way through, too.

    Soul Trade

  5. !!!
    What a pleasure to find a lyrical poet who writes so well! I find it so hard to break away from rhyming, but I must admit, I adore it. If I was more of a musician, I would probably be setting my words to music.
    Do you?

  6. This drew me in and grabbed hold of me. I was sorry it ended.

  7. An imp inside a tower wall...

    Thass my fave...

  8. Silence IS an almost tangible thing and yours has been noticed :)
    If a little silence produces gems like this then I will not worry anymore - just check back occasionally, treasure hunting.