Friday, October 2, 2009

Song for Brad

Thoughts and prayers for Brad.

Here's a song his father, Bob, wrote for him and his sib's, "The Kids' Song" .

Embrace the love and heal. Quell the anger, justice will be served.




  1. Ooh, good lyrics, classic American family scenario. Whatcha gonna do but be strong and walk along… Fine looking kid, Brad. Good DNA. Now then, let’s concentrate those healing vibes on that spine of his, yeah? Swelling down; pressure off; spine, spinal cord and nerves all good and restorable quickly and fully; and Brad back on his feet to live a kickass life. Yess!
    Keep me up on how our healing vibes are working, alright music man? Blessings back at you, you and the fam : )

  2. Beautiful young man. I hope he is recovering well. Peace to you and yours, Rebecca