Sunday, November 15, 2009

Deep Ether

From the song, Requiem (One Way Home), a soul returns to whence it came.

"You live your life always fearing the end, but the end is the beginning, like a trusted friend
Back to the ether where we started from, our souls are in motion like the light of the sun"

Deep ether
Ancient swamp of souls
Clutching for the soular wind
Capture my sails and bring me forth
Once again into the spectrum of the living
Our white light in bloom through the prism of birth

Listen to "Deep Ether" here, if not in blogspot


  1. I love this, Michael - love the soular winds especially. That's a song in itself!

  2. Very nice - I agree with Dee, the soular winds is a great play on words and images.

  3. Wow, these words are powerful...thank you for sharing!

  4. Nicely done with strong imagery. I can feel the beat with my Les Paul.

  5. fearing the end of life? not all does, but with someone at the peak of his life, sure death is as scary as anything else...:)

    Hello Michael, wish you could add me up in your blog list, thanks and good night!

  6. A great take on the topic. It's truly wonderful.

  7. Sandy Carlson - Hope it was refreshing!

    Dee - I'll keep taking the love as long as you're giving! Hmm, I already did Souls to the Wind, that might be too close to home. But you're welcome to it!

    Pam - Thanks for stopping in.

    Sweet Gale - You are very welcome! Thank you.

    PS - thanks :)

    Rob - You with your Les Paul, and I with my Strat. We could play some Skynyrd or somethin'! Thanks for the props.

    Amity - I hope we all don't fear the end. Someones got to tell the rest to chill out.

    Tumblewords - Thank you. Your comments are always an honor. :)

  8. "our white light in bloom through the prism of birth."
    How refreshing the joyous circle:
    from death as a release to life as gift