Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Longest Night

Virgin frost
Meets the dawn
No slave to Karma,
The sun
Obey Lord Gravity
And axis atilt
Waning daylight cause
The stem to lilt
Wither and whuther
Autumn leaves
The arc of the sun
Falls to its knees
Repealing its warmth
To the evening sky
Driving fleet afoot
And winged to fly

Gnashing tooth upon the lingering bounty
The breathing ones sup
'Fore the sleep of the longest night

Three Word Wednesday offered these: Karma, Obey, Wither


  1. I like how your stuff has such a musical quality to it. And some very good lines in this.

  2. I was singing this all the way. Excellent.

  3. Such an ancient and eternal feeling to this ~ I feel like I'm in an enchanted wood. I.Just.Love.It!

    "The arc of the sun
    Falls to its knees
    Repealing it's warmth
    To the evening sky
    Driving fleet afoot
    And winged to fly"

    Excellent! I'm bookmarking this.

  4. That is just the coolest poem! It has a magical feel to it and flows so well and rhythmic!


  5. I love this Michael - lyrical and yet even in that rhythm, the awareness of the end - the sleep of the longest night. I love the withering wuthering of the leaves as I watch them do exactly that in my back yard. The squirrels chase each other knocking down the ones that don't fall on their own :)

  6. All that virgin frost and arc of the sun falling to its knees is grand and all, but whoa! the last three lines, the gnashing tooth upon the lingering bounty; The breathing ones sup... rocks the fucking Casbah exactly like Sharia likes it. Your lyricsability (new word) must be what gets you these choice poetics, music man, and I’m glad you’re back at it in blogworld. Still waitin’ on a new hit song from your shining self, though, mister. You got anything in the works? I’m thinkin’ you got a lot to stir your soul, with all that’s been goin’ on and on : )

  7. There's a lot of nice imagery here. It makes me wish we got fall weather this far south.

  8. Lord, son, that hibernation done you good. Bringing "wuther" back to life from its Lazarus vacation and then the genius of the breathing ones sup. This poem's like hammer on anvil.

  9. A fine art with words and very musical too. Liked the imagery
    "Waning daylight cause
    The stem to lilt" and "The arc of the sun
    Falls to its knees
    Repealing its warmth
    To the evening sky". Absolutely stunning.

  10. Mark - Thanks!

    Thom - That musicality can come through words on a page is a thrill!

    Tony - Thanks for that!

    ZouxZoux - Wow! Sometimes I feel ancient. That is an enormous compliment and an unexpected response to this poem. Thank you and I am happy to have your attention!

    JS - Thanks for your comments and taking time to visit.

    Jeeves - Thank you, my good man.

    Dee - I think it's pretty amazing that we can read one anothers offerings and relate to them in some simple, yet personal way. Such is the wither wuther of your leaves!

    G-tami - You want it? Take it! It's yours. :)

    PS - thanks!

    Alicat - Yeah, the occasional f-bomb is so liberating, isn't it? Keep rockin' the Casbah with comments like these. Initiation has been the bane of my existence the last couple of months. There's plenty of scatter shot action going on upstairs but I haven't managed to get off the mark for anything. I've had trouble just responding to email, for chrisakes. That new song is in me. I just haven't hit record yet. Same shit, different day I suppose.

    Ann - Glad I could share some of it!

    Paschal - I was trying to decide wuther er not to use it! Glad to be back, it was a confounding absence.

    Swapnap - Thanks for stopping by. Your comments are quite humbling.