Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Grave Robber

Grave Robber (1 of 3)

Though lean and lithe and sinewy
He toils earth and stone with ease
Slipping through the dark of night
To feed his begger's appetite
His occupation would some offend
Disturbing any human's end
Divining with his crooked spade
Sniffing gentry freshly laid
Tripping lilies in the gloom
He raids the poshly relished tomb
From the grave rise auntie's pearls
Or the pocket watch of master Earl
What value can a dead man claim?
When ash to ash be one and same?
The labor done whence dawn has come
Another honest workday done

Three Word Wednesday offered these: Grave, Lithe, Offend


Image and artwork courtesy of J.M.J. Wikholm. Visit him at flikr


  1. An excellent, wry look at a dark subject. Enjoyed that.

  2. You're on a roll with this stuff, Miguel! Loved "divining with his crooked spade"

  3. A great little morbid tale of the grave digger. "Tripping lilies in the gloom
    He raids the poshly relished tomb" That was my favourite...just brilliant!!

  4. You've added 'body' to this line of work! I like the flow and rhythm here.

  5. Morbid, as another commenter said, but done with a light touch. The rhyming makes it feel like a Tim Burton. I can see him dangling the pearls on a long finger...

  6. This is great, and yes most people would be mortified. A fantastic take on the words, great flow.

  7. This is great, and I don't usually go for rhymed poems. I love the rhythm of this piece and the dark subject made just another job.

  8. Awesomely done, Mike! The Infinite Machine tune is a great background for it too!

  9. Hello, Music Man?

    OK, I’ll just leave you one of my fridge notes:

    A couple of weeks ago, I was coerced by my friend MJ into watching a teen-seeming romance, “Garden State.” Yes, I barfed on the fucking stupid ending, but GAWD did I dig (pun blatantly intended) the one character that, in my mind, shined. In this script, Peter Sarsgaard’s grave digger, Mark, was a writer’s dream. I love that dude. Almost as much as your guitar-playing self.

    Kiss, kiss,
    Miss A

  10. End for some, means for someone else! Grave stories

  11. loved it and love the image there also. first time to this blog nice blog and interesting but you could do away with the music its annoying to me. especially when you come to read and you have musing belching from the background.

  12. I'm really happy my painting inspired such a thought provoking poem. I feel honored. You gave my painting a soul, I truly dig it.

  13. Michael I don't have an email address for you so I'm sending a message via the blogospere. Just worried because you haven't posted in such a long time. Hope all is well with you and you are just taking a break. If not, prayers and hugs and hope you get back to writing soon.

  14. Michael Dear, you write about very real subjects.. Often, poets and writers are lost in imaginations carried off far far away in fictitious lands- I love fantasy- fine.. Yet, I love how words can play to say what we sing everyday without realizing.. you do that with your words.. weaving magic out of the most mundane observations..

    I am glad I read this here.. xx

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