Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Path of Least Resistance, Part I

Through post-adolescent fear, we marched forward as involuntary draftees in collegiate armies full of promise and uncertainty.
Four years of hard labor, sex, drugs, and alcohol sweating through our consciences, peptic ulcer anxieties.
Torn between duty and pheremonic ecstasies we burned the midnight oil and partied 'til grey twilight of the dawn.
Bobbing for forbidden apples, peer pressure holding our hazed faces below the surface until the point of erotic asphyxia.
Semi-conscious realization in the glow of bare basement incandescent lights six feet under beer stained floorboards.
The hideous scent of vomit, piss, and beer drumming out the beauty of innocence lost in the maddening pace of competitive debauchery.
Neither the greatest generation, nor me generation, not baby boom, no gen x, gen y. Generation Nothing.
Greatest wonders were we who got up in the morning and continued to ambush our cache of talent and brain cells, day in day out.
Holding the rudder to the wind for the course of double-vision compasses maintaining headings true.
We meddled with duty and destiny carrying onward in mediocrity to the finish line still proud in the face of spite.
Shadows of the Great Depression looming over us like specters in the night spearing voices of shame into our psyches.
We dodged anti-establishment banter, flower power warriors hurling martyred ideology down our throats so we may taste the shame.
Thrusting rock'n'roll into our ears like fingers we chanted loudly over dark reason hoping for a brighter way.
My generation of fence walkers, teetering above the jaws of yesteryears never knowing which way the wind blows.
So pour another drink of c'est la vie, forget the moral battles, grab the token laureate and join the corporate ranks....

Three Word Wednesday offered these: Ambush, Hideous, Meddle


  1. You're singing my song Music Man. Been there, done that, bought the peace sign. Favorite line "Bobbing for forbidden apples, peer pressure holding our hazed faces below the surface" - generation nothing. Yep.

  2. A way of life perfectly described. Ah, the memories.

  3. Boom, Michael. I lived this! What a wonderful, heart-wrenching post. Classic lines throughout.

  4. Remember it well, and you got it to a tee.

  5. Excellent phrasing and advice to be well taken. Great read.

    3WW for Dec 30th, 2009

  6. My brother lived through the vietnam nightmare too. you've given me chills with this Michael. so profoundly expressed and so well written.

  7. Dark and powerful. A well written account of those pushed into doing what they never wanted to do. 'Generation nothing'... so cool man.

  8. Miguel: Powerful cousin to Ginsberg's "Howl." Certainly describes the arc of many of our lives. Is it the path of least resistance to resist its darkness? Not deny it, but resist it: there's a manichean soul in your singin' body, brother: this is the anthemic song of the Dark Pleroma, but you're also dancing with the tetraprosopon in the JMike Inferno, the daddy-man.

    A fine fine piece for year's end, hermano.

  9. Paschal - Bingo and bravo!! Ginsberg has been with me the last few weeks. I had been pondering over some of the stylings I have managed this past year and decided I wanted to explore more in the vain of The Free World . I felt like that was drawing on some dusty corner influence from Ginsberg, though I hadn't read him in 25 years. Mi esposa gave me for Christmas, Poetry and Life Allen Ginsberg: A Narrative Poem, which I am in the middle of, and a collection of letters between AG and his father, I look forward to.

    I mirrored the long sentence oratorical style of "Howl" in this one, along with the self examinational generational definition from my perspective. Thanks for the manichean comparisons. Perhaps accidental, but I love the education you provide me, El Profesor!

    I 'spose I spend a bit of time thinking about the dark and light. Maybe it's my being reminded of my own mortality and human frailty of late.

    The path of least resistance is not celebrated in Western society. We champion those who swim upstream, think out of the box, and climb the highest mountains. There are many who attempt and almost as many who fail. I think those who go with the flow are the unsung majority. The real proliferation of society. The salmon among us occasionally discover the wheel. It's the rest of us who drive it around town...

  10. Miguel: How cool that you've been in the thick of Ginsberg; he's had an able student in you, you with your celebrated Jersey poets, WCW and AG, not to mention Whitman declining away in Camden: that's one awesome triumvirate.

    Count me in the path of least resistance crowd, years now, and you're right, it ain't celebrated much here in the West, though one memorable Miami Vice Friday night, there was Izzy, my favorite snitch, responding to an indignant Sonny that he was simply following "the path of least resistance, maing."

    I bet it was fun to run down the back alleys of those lovely long Howlesque lines in Part I.

    Szczesliwego Nowego Roku!