Wednesday, December 9, 2009


the space is empty yet they wail
if walls could talk they'd tell the tale
when childhood ends, the demons hail
and fall upon us tooth and nail
within this room, a spirit’s jail....


Image courtesy of Seed 2 Sickle Studio.


  1. I’ve heard it’s all part of a diabolical game, where the spirit plays jail keeper and holds the room hostage from within until it’s good and ready to leave. Either way—room as spirit’s jail, or room as spirit’s prisoner—it’s fucking weird!

  2. Your music is showing. I love the lyrical sound of this but I do wish the room spirits would give back all the missing socks and keep the dust bunnies to themselves. This is weird and wonderful!

  3. Missalister - Ha! Succinctly stated. I was a bit busy this weekend and didn't have time to write up something. But I couldn't let Weird escape me! I wrote this a few years ago after viewing an e-friend's image here. It IS weird, and it spoke to me instantly.

    Dee - That missing sock routine is old, isn't it? Spirits can be so unoriginal.

  4. Liked the room, Michael. I too find at times room so empty yet it wails of yester years tale....and i trail. Good write.