Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slow Black Death

How many more reasons do we need?
To wean ourselves from the acrid black tit of fossil fuel
The news of every dawn be full of dread
This festering shadow continue to spread
A mile of ocean down we drill
To feed our gluttonous appetite
Be it driving a tank for a quart of milk
Or filling the corporate pig trough

Can anyone grasp the depths of this sin?
Our leaders developed this energy "policy"
Behind closed doors and in harmony with the oil barrons
They send our sons and daughters to die in foreign lands
So these pigs can continue to profit from black heroin
They rape our planet so our children can live in a world 
Without beaches and birds, never having reason
To cast a net into the sea

How many more miners must die in the name of "clean" coal?
How many mountain tops leveled before we learn the value of a vista?
And yet they pacify the lobbyists and spurn the people
How many of us would choose a better way if given a choice?

Three Word Wednesday offered these:  Dead, Grasp, Pacify

Photo courtesy of waymjoh at Photobucket 


  1. This speaks to so many truths. When, when does the world wake up?

  2. All good questions. I hope we would chose a better way but....

  3. I for one. We should speak out more, like this.

  4. It will take more than speaking. It sickens and saddens me.

  5. As a mom to two young children, and a great lover of Mother Earth, your poem makes me tear up a bit. What is being done to this planet, and being left for future generations is absolutely unacceptable. Your words were well chosen and dug in with me.

    - Dina

  6. The world needs a wake up call. Well done.


    Mine is here:

  7. With you on this, brother. Well done.

  8. Absolutely. I've read that better options are often rejected because they won't turn sufficient profit to please the fat cats. I hope there is a special hell for people who so casually trash the planet and make it so difficult for those of us who would do better.

  9. Glad to have you back, with - among your many gifts - your gift for indignant screed. Wonderful unpulled punches: acrid black tit, this festering shadow, corporate pig trough, black heroin . . .

  10. Yes, what will happen in the future? Is there still future left for our kids or the next generations?

    The rich becoming richer, the poor remained enslaved and suffering, abused by the powerful!

    Such harsh realities!

  11. I love your music. I play mostly classical piano, but I have a VERY BROAD musical base. Your music is awesome. Reminds me of The Doors/Floyd combined. Better than I imagined - my speakers are blaring! Keep it up.
    Lana C. at

  12. love your curious mind,
    beautiful wonders.
    masterfully penned.

  13. I signed in to follow your blog,
    Thanks for the lovely participation of week 7 at Jingle poetry,
    hope to see you in of week 9.
    Happy November.