Friday, August 13, 2010

Like Dream Paralysis


The dream within a dream
Days within the weeks or so it seems
We sleep with our eyes open, walking
Leverage arms unto the air, more like water
Smiling at peers, we dirge waltz through snow drifts
Piling to our knees as they pirouette through sunlit pastures
Slow are the moments as time passes furiously around us
Who's charade is this?  O Lord, is this a joke or a test of my will?
The apothecary passes this for remedy, but it only staves the inevitable
Life, still sweet to savor, no longer here to gorge and quench, 
But to sip and peck 

 Three Word Wednesday offered these:  Joke, Leverage, Remedy

Photo courtesy of Bryan Brinkman Photography, find him at flikr

Friday, August 6, 2010

One Minute of Joy

You have 1 minute to hear what's new once the auto-player commences.  So pay attention!

"When the Music's Over", that is the title of this blog.  Which I began as a means of kick starting my creative writing.  Of course, there is much implied in the title.  This is quoting the great Jim Morrison's lyric, "...when the music's over, turn out the lights".  As in, when I can no longer make music, just shoot me.

There are certain challenges as an amateur.  The biggest being time.  I have a real job.  That is, one that takes up most of my time.  That was okay prior to having children, I had plenty of time to play in bands, rehearsals, gigs, write songs, or just sit on a porch stoop plucking away.  Being a proper father takes time.  So I stopped playing in bands for the most part, and took to recording in my basement in the evenings into the wee hours.

The other challenge is energy.  Creativity only comes from inspiration.  There's nothing inspiring about needing a nap.  Living with Addison's disease has really limited my energy.  Far more than I was expecting, as the doctors pretty much said, "take the steroids and you'll live a 'normal' life".  Bullshit!  It's a roller coaster.  A really slow roller coaster!  Pretty much, feel good for a few weeks then crap for a month or two.  So far anyway.  I'm still hopeful I can take full control of medicating my own symptoms.  Waiting for a doctor to push the right buttons is purgatory!  "Try this and see me in four months".  And when it doesn't work (it usually doesn't)  you've pissed away a whole season hoping these twits can get it right!

Enough bitching about my poker hand.  The bottom line is writing takes a lot less energy than producing recordings.  So I started this blog as a creative outlet.  It went swimmingly for a while, but the last six months I can't seem to get the first word out!  So now, I write.  I don't know how creative it is, but at least it's something.

I decided to take some time off this summer, and I started my vacation in the studio.  "One Minute of Joy" was the result.  I'm a musical doodler of sorts.  I can pick up all sorts of things and make some sort of rhythm or melody out of it.  What's new in this recording are a couple of things.  First, I have an old Melobar lap steel that I needed to convert from 10 strings to 6 strings, which I did.  You can hear it during the opening melody.  The second is, me playing a live drum kit.  It's nothing to write home about, but it keeps the bed made.

I figured this was just a segue to a couple weeks of musical productivity.  Trouble was, the month long heat wave in New Jersey really knocked me on my ass.  I've determined that I will never live in Texas again!  I used to gig in 105 degree heat, outdoors!  I would literally need an IV hooked up to me onstage these days to do that!  Maybe I'll move to Canada?

That's the news from Lake Woebegone.  I'll try to write sooner next time!