Wednesday, October 20, 2010


IC434 and the Horsehead Nebula

The naked shimmer of starlight for eons unnoticed by Earthly inhabitants
Full of answers to history and origin waiting only for one to stand and say, I
For self awareness begs the question, I am here but why?
The naked eye cannot see the stars for the Garden
And so from the Garden we did come, and wrote it so inside The Book
'til some other I would question how, decide to take a closer look

The heavens swirled around us so, we the only thing we know
The centre of the universe, holding everything in tow
But what if that be not quite right, about the ever starry night?
The earth a slave to holy sun, the sun a star inverting night?
A speck upon a galaxy, floating on an immense sea
Life be more than you and I, the effect of possibility

This fantastic photo of the Horse Head Nebula courtesy of Terry Hancock at flikr

Three Word Wednesday offered these:  Effect, Immense, Shimmer