Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Every Grain of Sand

Let go?

Marking the sense of loss, each grain of abrasive from a handful sand
I am left to take stock, what is left in my possession
Greater is its detail under the loop
Crystalline beauty found in every goblet
In it the power to scour saddened layers exposing the heartwood
Warm in its memory of summer, measuring the tides
Vanguard to an ever shifting continent
For now, in my own insignificance
Still holding this from the pull of the earth

Three Word Wednesday offered these: Abrasive, Handful, Loss

Photo courtesy of Hayams @ flikr


  1. Michael,
    I mentally put your words to music and found a sorrowful, wonderful song. Nicely done!

  2. we are but (powerful) grains in this vast universe ... enjoyed your words & music very much.


  3. Loving the music and loving this piece - exposing the heartwood. Illness does that doesn't it? Everything narrows down to what is necessary and what was necessary yesterday is no longer...Prayers and hugs..

  4. This is it, Music Man, everything you’ve written here. Goes good with The Meandering. Goes good with There’s Always You. All of it’s what’s boiled down to in the pot of life. And listening to The Bayman’s Blues yet again, it’s in there even. You’ve always known this. I get glimpses. We're all Still holding this from the pull of the earth

  5. Greetings:

    Thanks a lot for your contribution to Jingle Poetry Potluck, I am placing your link to our blogroll within two days, hope to see you share your poetry with us tonight…

    Always, your input is valued…
    Happy Sunday!
    Love, xx

  6. I just saw your comment on my picture.
    Its such an honor to have my picture accompany your beautiful poem!